Career Transitions

By on January 13, 2020

Whether it’s a retirement track, career change or just slowing down a little, late-career providers can explore options to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Of all our opportunities, acquiring a practice from a doctor has the most variables. Providers in mid- to late-career may wish to retire or just cut back to spend more time doing other things. They may want to sell their practice, but continue to work. We’re open to anything.

  • Sell all or part of practice (equipment, records, accounts receivable)
  • Continue in place as an employed physician; or
  • Transition into retirement

We understand that doctors have put a lot of themselves into building a practice, and we respect that whole-heartedly. We have an independent team that discusses valuation with interested providers, under non-disclosure agreements. Ultimately, want everyone to walk away happy.

We’ll put you in contact with doctors who’ve been through the process with us, and expect them to speak candidly about their experience.